Joshua and the Shadow of Death

Join childhood development psychiatrist Doctor Joshua Zeev as he attempts to find the answers to his best friend’s death and help the family through their grief. Will his challenge of a lifetime bring answers and closure, or even more perilous dangers?

Featured Short Stories

Lost Rebel

Charlie's custom-built chopper vibrated underneath his numb butt. Denim stuck to his legs as they sweated beneath the black leather chaps wrapped around his jeans. Charlie paid no heed to the inconvenience. Here in the loneliness of the Mojave desert, he was king, a...

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Misguided Justice

Oliver laid on the ground feeling his lifeblood flowing out of his body. Elizabeth stood over top of him grinning. The small 9mm pistol was only visible due to its silencer. "What's the matter?" she asked with a smirk, "Surprised?" Oliver tried to draw in a breath,...

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Rescued or Lost

Mason laid on the Caribbean beach. How many days had it been? He could not remember. It seemed like yesterday that he was driving his cabin cruiser along the calm Gulf waters when he hit the unseen reef. No, thought Mason, that wasn't a reef. The sea was shallow, and...

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