Joshua and the Shadow of Death

Join childhood development psychiatrist Doctor Joshua Zeev as he attempts to find the answers to his best friend’s death and help the family through their grief. Will his challenge of a lifetime bring answers and closure, or even more perilous dangers?

Featured Short Stories

Bitter and Alone

Gabby stepped out into the hot, humid air of a mid-September afternoon in northern Florida. He tried to shade himself under the yellow awning that read, "Adult Superstore." Travelers passed by a short distance from the front parking lot. Gabby paid no head to the...

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Hurricane and Trade Show

There are no stories this week because I am going to the Southeastern Independent Booksellers Alliance Discovery Show in Tampa, Florida. I get to be on a panel with three other mystery, thriller, suspense authors. This is my first panel, and I am incredibly excited....

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Henry sat dumbfounded. The phone receiver swung down from his hand. His mouth gaped open, and the wrinkles hung off the jaws of his seventy-year-old shocked face. "Hello, is anybody there?" came the voice of the young woman with whom he had been speaking. Henry...

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