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Step Away From Reality

Climb into my world and forget your day, and maybe even learn something in the process.

I am a storyteller. Here you will find online flash fiction and short stories of all genres. You can also check out my suspense thriller novels, as well as collections of humorous short stories. Am I a new author for you? Start with the “Short Stories, Podcasts, and Blog Thoughts” tab.

They are waiting on you

My characters face their fears, fall in love, take chances, and discover the consequences. Sometimes their lives turn out better, and other times they just die.

There are also podcasts in the mix

Every week we are able, my best buddy Craig Mauldin and I post a new show of “Lunch with Lucius and Lukus.” Lukus is a central character in many stories of my humorous books. My friendship with Craig inspired me to create Lukus. So, choose podcasts, click play, kick back, and enjoy our take on our life here in the Carolinas or get back to writing the report you told your boss you were researching.

A quick announcement about the podcast schedule.

I have started on my third novel in the Berserker Series. Unfortunately, that does not leave me the time I need to run the podcast. We are stopping the podcast until the end of October. I’ll be posting more information on my blog as we move into October.

In the meantime, enjoy the 45 episodes that have been published to date.

What About The Books?

Lucius McCray

Free Book!

“Country Boy” is now available online. Check out the top menu. Click on Short Stories, and choose, “Lucius McCray Country Boy.” All the stories in the drop-down menu are available online. If you like those, check out the “Buy My Books” menu section for other books by Lucius McCray.

Where can I find the stories?

In the menu section, click on “Short Stories” and choose “Lucius McCray Country Boy.” A list of stories will pop out to the side. Pick any you wish to read. Please keep in mind; these stories are copyrighted. You do not have permission to copy them or distribute them in any way. Writing is hard work. I appreciate your support in my endeavors.

What does Lucius write about?

Like to laugh? Do you enjoy reading stories about country living that are mostly true? Pick up one of Lucius’ books, read a short story, and afterward, walk away with a smile on your face.

Lucius shares five to seven short stories in each book. These books are not a series, but “Country Boy” introduces a lot of the characters. These stories are inspired by events that happened while growing up in southern California, spending my childhood summers in Virginia, and living most of my adult life in North Carolina.

The Berserker Series

The Berserker series follows the lives of two brothers who were orphaned, their childhood psychologist, and the families and friends who touched their lives.

Book one, Joshua and the Shadow of Death,” will lead you into political corruption, murder, and suicide. Go check out the description under the “Buy My Books” tab.

Book two, Harold and the Angel of Death.”  Harold tries to rebuild not only his company and his family but who he is as a man. There are unanswered questions in book one that appear in this book, so don’t peek, read this book second.

One more remains to be written. Book three is a work in progress. You will finally meet the mysterious younger brother, and discover some of your most beloved characters still have secrets to tell.

How Can You Find My Books?

Are any books still available free? Yes! My ebooks are free if you are a Kindle Unlimited member.

Unlimited access. Amazon provides free Kindle Apps for every device you may own. You can find the free app at this link.

Get your paperbacks at Amazon and local bookstores. When you navigate to each book’s page from the menu above, you will find buttons at the bottom of the descriptions. These will guide you to ebook and paperback sights. Check out your options today!

Have you a preference for audiobooks? Check out the audiobook button at the bottom of the book pages as well. Order yours today!

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