A Dubious Story

Why did I ever agree to do this? Sure, I can drive, and I could use the money, but I have never done anything like this in my life. “Just keep the car running in the alley behind the bank.” Larry makes it all sound so natural and routine. After all, it’s not like I am breaking any laws. I just sit here in my car like people do every day of the week.

I just wish Larry would hurry up. I could leave him here. After all, he never told me everything he intended to do. I could claim his instructions were dubious at best. He never said how long to stay behind the bank. I think it’s been at least ten minutes. How long does this sort of thing take? I guess that question is not something I can google since I don’t know Larry’s plan.

If I leave, there is no payday, and I could use that money right now. The bills are piling up. People say there are plenty of jobs, but not for old geezers like me. Besides, what is the worst that can happen? Nobody suspects an old man sitting in his car parked in the alley. If things go wrong, I can always say I haven’t met Larry before. I do wish I knew how he was pulling this off. At least if anyone asks me, I can truthfully say I had no idea what Larry had planned today.

Why am I getting worked up? It isn’t like I am in there robbing the bank. Still, most people who refuse to share their plans know their plans are dubious at best. Wait, what is that? Is that the bank alarm? Oh no, what’s happening? There’s Larry. “Run Larry, hurry up!”

“Jerry, back this car down the alley quick! They might be following me?”

“Ok! Hang on!” Keep the wheel straight. I just need to hold her steady. Whew, I’m glad to be a block away from that. “What did you do Larry! Are the police coming?”

“I sure hope so. I just got some cash out of my safe deposit box when these two guys came in wearing masks and waving their guns in the air. I was near the front door, so I made a run for it. Just drive easy and get us home.”

“I don’t understand Larry. Why did you need me to drive you down here, and what are you paying me for?”

“Jerry, we’ve been friends a lot of years. You had hired me on when I hit hard times and gave me good advice when I needed it. I just wanted to return the favor. I’m putting this envelope in your glovebox. It has some cash in it to help carry you through for a few months.”

Wow, should I tell him what I thought he was doing in the bank? Probably not. “Thank you. I had no idea that’s what you had planned.”

“We’re friends Jerry. More than that, we are like brothers. Anytime you need anything you just let me know.”

The Daily Post: Dubious

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