A Halloween Treat

I realize I am giving a Halloween treat a day sooner than usual, but who doesn’t like to receive a treat a day early? Although I am Christian, I have always enjoyed scary stories. For me, they are reminders that there is more to this world than just ourselves. It is a testimony that we are not at the top of the proverbial food chain.  These tales and events also serve as an excellent morality story device.

Tales of the supernatural hold weight because they have a bit of truth to them. Most people I know, including myself, have had an experience or two with things they could not explain. Over the years these moments taught me that there is more to God’s creation than merely what we can touch.

So today, as you can tell, I am doing something completely different. I am sharing with you part of my experience in a ghost story. The audio recorded event in the link below is an actual accounting while touring Saint Augustine’s Lighthouse. There is a short introduction video at the start. Although everything is factual, it is all for fluff and fun.

Please enjoy. Tomorrow we see if Lucius and Lukus can survive getting out of their haunted house.

Saint Augustine Lighthouse “Dark of the Moon” experience.

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