A Hopeful New Year

I am sure everyone is ready to put the year 2020 behind them. It seems like the world is tearing itself apart, and it is becoming harder and harder to find anything positive. A new year brings new hope, and hope is something we have sorely lacked.

However, we must take time to look back over the last year of our lives. I am sure all of us are either living or have lived moments we would prefer to forget. Looking forward to what is unseen is more desirable when you look over your shoulder at the trainwreck that was 2020.

Life is about learning, and we are unable to learn if we do not take the time to reminiscence on the good and the bad and then ask ourselves what we can do to make 2021 a better year. For me, it has meant stopping my book, taking in a slow breath, and asking myself why I am doing the things I do.

A long story short, 2021, will bring about some big changes in how I share my creativity. You may have noticed the podcasts are gone. Lucius and Lukus had a good run on traditional podcasts platforms, but we lacked sustainability. In the meantime, my YouTube channel, which has been an eclectic outlet for me over the years, has slowly grown in subscribers, despite being mostly ignored.

This next year we will be bringing back the podcast, but we will be doing it on YouTube. Since we will be on video, I have to be dressed, at least from the waist up. I will also be bringing some short stories to YouTube. These will not replace my writing but will be in addition to what I post on my website.

2020 also had me take a good hard look at my Christian faith. As a result, I will be putting out videos called “God Still Works.” These messages include personal stories and other stories about God moving in people’s lives today. There are many excellent Christian teaching channels on YouTube and other places. My playlist’s purpose will be to show that God’s relationship to us is not stuck in time two-thousand-years ago, but it still alive, dynamic, and evident today.

These are my plans in a nutshell. I will be putting out a video soon discussing in more detail about you will find on my YouTube channel in 2021.

One last note. I know many of you are wondering about “Bill and the Sting of Death.” I still plan on releasing the book in 2021. I have not decided how many different channels I will be releasing it in. I have a lot of editing work to do. You will be hearing more about the challenges as I dive back into the book after the New Year.

I am excited about the things that are coming down the pike. If you like my work, please share it with your friends. The internet is a crowded and noisy place filled with bots, dishonest tags, and spam. The days of new readers and viewers finding you through simple SEO or advertising are far behind us. What is old is new again, and word of mouth advertising is the best way you can support my work.

Thank you for supporting me, and I hope your 2021 exceeds your positive expectations.

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