A Very Short Post

Ever had writer’s block for your own website? Ironically, my newest book is going great. My conundrum is with my website and social media. Okay, I have abandoned social media for the most part. Besides Goodreads and some faithful followers on Facebook, it is a huge time suck with no upside.

I am still uncertain about how I will roll out my book. I had considered making it available on my website. It would be free, and I would hope people take the time to check out the ads to help generate some revenue, or at the very least leave comments on the chapters as they are released.

Option two is to roll the book out via self-publishing as I have the others. The issue is that there is not a massive market for fiction books, and frankly, there are now millions of books of various quality thanks to Amazon. I’m alright if my books do not make me a lot of money, but I want my stories to read. Otherwise, why write the stories?

I will update more as I get closer to the release of the book in 2021. I’m only on my third edit and feedback from my most important beta reader, my wife. So, there is much to do, and the holidays are upon us.

Do you have any ideas on what I should do in regards to publishing my book? If you do, leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you think.

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