About Gary

I have always had a love for stories. This passion probably stems from my childhood and the summers spent in southwest Virginia in the 70s and 80s. When the dinosaurs roamed, and cable television did not exist, there were precious few t.v. channels available in the rural areas of the country.
During our summer visits, family members would get together and discuss the latest town news. Most of the stories were mostly true, or they were whatever they needed to be in order to entertain us. This is the basis for my stories by Lucius McCray. I love my childhood memories of the stories and jokes that were shared around the living room. My goal is to bring the same laughter and warmth to my stories.
When we were not in the southeast, I was going to school and growing up in Orange County, California. There, we had plenty of television since Hollywood and all the studios were right up the freeway from us. Throughout my life, I have loved reading and watching mysteries and thrillers. This passion has fed by another genre of books that reside in the Berserker Series. Murder, intrigue, corruption, and unexpected twists and turns make the journey of reading an adventure. It is my goal to bring those adventures to my readers with each book of this series.