Meet Gary

My name is Gary McPherson, and I am a teller of stories. For the first half of my life, I brought my ideas to light through various computer programs. I now communicate with the human machine and soul. Read my exciting stories and share the experiences of my characters. I enjoy read and writing mysteries, thrillers, supernatural stories, and when I need a break from the darkness I write humorous short stories.

I just published my first book of humorous short stories on Amazon. It is available via Kindle Unlimited. It is 99 cents for the e-book and only $5.00 for the hard copy. These stories arose out of my first fictional character here on this blog named Lucius. The stories in the book have never been published until now. I am already at work on the second collection of short stories.  Also, be on the lookout for my first thriller novel. The release date is this summer 2018.

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