About Lucius McCray

Lucius McCray is a character I developed on my website in 2017. He is as much a part of me as I am of him. When I decided to publish my first book, I took my passion for family storytelling, and Lucius’ inner voice to create a mostly true and satirical world.
These books are based on the fond memories of summer visits when the family would get together and discuss the latest town news. The stories were mostly true, or they were whatever they needed to be to entertain us. I love my childhood memories of the stories and jokes that were shared around the living room. My goal is to bring the same laughter and warmth to my stories.
You can also find Lucius McCray discussing his life as a writer, or just living here in North Carolina. Lunch With Lucius And Lukus serves up an almost weekly helping of satire, insight, and sometimes a little common sense.
Be sure and check out my Facebook author page for updates and announcements for live shows and other events.

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