An Unsurprising Outcome

There is nothing like a significant technology failure to throw your plans entirely off schedule. That happened to me just over a week ago. Despite my knowledge of computers and the sounds of a dying water cooler, I continued to push my machine until the pump died, rather than servicing the device at the early signs of trouble.

So, instead of being down for a couple of days, my sick computer sat among wounded compatriots at the local repair store for a week. To make matters worse, I had to reinstall everything from a backup once my hardware was returned.

Many books and articles talk about the necessity for proper maintenance of machines. Yet, we all seem to ignore this sage wisdom when it does not suit our given situation, and such efforts always end in the same fashion, disaster. So, I won’t sit here and write that you should learn from my mistakes. Instead, I will say that you should be sure and backup everything you work on as a creator.

Also, there are the proverbial unknown consequences. These include a break in the rhythm of my writing and videos. Additionally, there are delays caused by interactions and discussions that have to occur with software companies when activation keys reach their limits. There are always consequences to our actions beyond what we plan.

I want to sit here and type that I have learned my lesson, but I am quite sure something else will come up. Do yourself a favor, always have at least a plan B, because at some point you are going to need it.

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