Another Day Another Sand Dollar

I am happy to report that thus far my writing retreat has been mostly retreat and very little writing. That does not mean I’m not working. Many people picture a writer as someone hunkered over their computer feverishly typing away. That is not always the case. I know for me I spend at least as much time thinking about what I will write as I do writing my story.

I was enjoying my stroll with my wife along the beach. I was also walking through story ideas for my series after my first three books. I have plans for another round; however, it requires research and interviews. I want another set of stories before tackling that series. I’m playing with two ideas, both of which will result in two to three books.

Of course, the point is not about the number of books these ideas will produce. The point is the thinking. I will be the first to say that it would be great to do all my thinking here at the beach. I have not been shy expressing my love of this location. Unfortunately, I live near a city that is three hours from here, so that is not realistic.

I am still trying to find my happy place locally. I often find myself feeling anxious if I am not in front of my keyboard. My creative thought process is regularly interrupted by my old corporate process that says I better be putting words on a page or I will fail. I only feel comfortable breaking into a new routine when I abandon my old office. Unfortunately, I can not afford to travel all the time, especially when I am living off my savings and working on my first books.

If anyone has any insight into creating new work habits in old work spaces, please feel free to comment or message me. You can either register your email here, and I will get back to you, or you can reach out to me on Facebook.

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