Bill and the Sting of Death

Author’s Note

I hope you have enjoyed this early release of the book. I am happy to announce the final, edited, extended version will be available October 1st in ebook and paperback. You can find your copy on Amazon or your local bookstore. Please note, if it is not on the shelf, your bookstore can order it. In addition, you can purchase a signed paperback directly from me as well. Just send me an email at The signed books are still MSRP $13.99 plus domestic media mail for shipping.

The final story contains an extended Epilogue. There you will see what happens between Carol and Bill. Additionally, more secrets are revealed about his mother. Finally, there is a surprise twist in New Mexico.

If you like these stories, grab a copy of “Joshua and the Shadow of Death” and “Harold and the Angel of Death.” These books are available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

Thank you for reading my stories, keep a lookout for new short stories starting again in the next couple of weeks.

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