Author’s Update

I am currently enjoying the end of the year for the first time in decades. Typically, the year-end is a hectic affair where you attempt to meet the goals you put off the first nine months of the year. Back in my IT days, we were tasked with helping our business partner meet their goals, which often were undefined until the end of September.

I am so happy to have “Bill and the Sting of Death” completed. However, it was a bittersweet experience. My editor experienced some major health issues and was unable to work on this project. She is working a long road back to recovery, and we pray for her complete healing.

Bill was the original character when I first started the story in 2010. The book became a series, and eventually, the three books were born over the last three years. To celebrate the completion of the Berserker Series to date, I am taking most of the year off. I am still going to write a short story a month around the major holidays. I have been working on my annual Halloween story and cannot wait to publish it. Lucius will be writing the Thanksgiving and Christmas stories again this year. I love writing as his character to share memories, past and present, around the holidays.

What do I have planned for 2022? When I find out, I will let you know. I have toyed with the idea of simply writing short stories online, or I may decide to do that and possibly publish some others in ebook format.

I have made one decision. I will be focusing exclusively on short stories next year since I enjoy writing them the most.

Future updates are forthcoming. Until then, have a happy Halloween and an incredible fall or spring, depending on where you live.

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