Bill and the Sting of Death (Book Information)

He had everything,

Until gunfire stole it all…

Despite being abandoned as a child and raised an orphan, Bill’s adult life seems perfect. His success on Wall Street has helped him become a well-respected businessman and now, engaged to a beautiful woman, he can finally have what he’s always wanted; a family.

But when bullets rip through drywall and his dreams, Bill’s world is turned upside down. Now, stripped of faith, love, and family, Bill Johnson has nothing to lose and only one thing on his mind…


Bill and the Sting of Death is the thrilling third book in the Berserker Series. This heart-slamming, action-packed, and gripping novel will have you on the edge of your seat! A perfect read for those who enjoy books by Ted Dekker, Vince Milam, Creston Mapes, and Diane Moody. Grab your copy today!