It’s Another Birthday

Hey Y’all,

Today is gonna be short on account of it being my birthday. I don’t know about y’all, but I like celebratin’ mine. I think folks are silly who complain about gettin’ older. I don’t reckon they think about what their other option is. Personally, I prefer the gettin’ older option, thank you.

Now some folks like to argue and say they’d rather get to heaven to see Jesus or some loved ones. I can’t fault them none for that second one, but I’d prefer to be alive and see Jesus come on back in the clouds. Old Steve Jobs had a great sayin’. “Everybody wants to get to heaven, but nobody wants to die to get there.” I’d say that right there is my philosophy.

Besides, I think birthdays always evoke at least some good memories. Most people have had a special friend, a gift, or just a darn good cake at some point in their life. Dreadin’ your birthday is like dreadin’ Christmas. You think Jesus is up there in heaven sayin’, “Oi vey, I’m a year older?” I don’t think so.

So whenever your birthday is Happy Birthday. Find some friends or loved ones and enjoy yourself. As for me, I think Darla and I are gonna take little Wobbly out to the farm now that there ain’t no more ice.

Y’all be good.

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