Interrogation Room

“Come on, Carl. Quit wasting my time.” Sargent Tony Sanchez smacked the corner of the wood laminate desk. Carl Jones jumped in his chair. Tony knew Carl had information about Julie. Tony grabbed the young girl’s photo and slammed it again in front of Carl for effect....

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The Berserker Life

I’ve started a new livestream series that can also be found recorded on YouTube. If you are a writer or reader, come and join me on Tuesdays at 2 pm eastern. I cover topics around the writing procss, and share my experiences as a writer. In addition, I sharing what’s...

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Just a Quick Update

I am still on my hiatus from writing through Thanksgiving here in the U.S. I plan to pick back up after this week. I am also happy to announce some changes to what I am doing. First, I will be writing one fiction story a week. These stories may be longer than I have...

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Insanity (Part 5)

The young hooded men rushed towards Delilah and Henry. Henry ran forward and crashed headlong into the first man, and then a blinding flash of light appeared before his vision followed by a sharp pain that emanated from the back of his head. Henry awoke to find...

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