Breaking Through The Wall

Let me get real for a moment. I had planned a large article on the various ways writers are inspired. I pointed out the good sites on the internet, the independent music scene, films, and the new online television companies stretching their wings in story.

I have to be honest. As a new writer inspiration is not a problem. I have no doubt one day it will be. When I first started writing software programs I could go for 24+ hours developing an idea into something usable. However, as the years rolled by those ideas began to merge, until one day I ran out of exciting new ways to do things.

This is the real crux of creating, including writing. At some point you will hit a wall. Everything will look alike and every story idea will feel like something you have already done, or someone else already did. My advice when that happens would be to step away, but I don’t mean quit.

Take a trip somewhere. I used to think vacations were a waste of time. That is what happens when you use your time off for family obligations rather than learning to relax. Then one year we took our four sons on a trip around the country. That’s when I discovered getting away from all my regular obligations really does renew you, and make you appreciate home more.

If you hit a wall, listen to your brain. Stop and let it rest. For extended periods of time find ways too keep your existing works and readers engaged. Do writer’s conferences, possibly meet with book clubs that are reading your books. Your stories will eventually return, fresher and better than ever.


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