Julio waited anxiously at the window. He stared at his mailbox, willing the mail person to arrive. His vigil had gone on for two weeks. Julio was not a praying man. He was more of a Christmas Christian if he claimed any faith at all. However, this past year had taken him to his knees in prayer more often than his entire four decades on the earth.

“Julio, you are going to drive yourself insane.” Jane stood behind him. When had she come into the room? Julio turned around on the couch and slid his legs back over the front.

“Maybe, but what else am I suppose to do? I worked for six months. No income, nothing, and we’ve spent a lot of money for me to create my “masterpiece.” What if they say no? What if they don’t like it?” Julio put his head into his hands. The stress felt like a vise upon his body.

Jane gently rubbed his back. As if touched by a magic wand, he felt his stress begin to dissipate. “Honey, don’t worry. They’ll love it. Everyone has. You’ve done everything right. If they don’t like it, we’ll find somebody else. I trust you, trust me. People will buy your book.” Julio nodded his head.

Jane got up and left. Julio returned once more to his mailbox vigil. He had quit his previous career to follow a dream, almost an obsession. So many times the stories would roll through his mind. He found it difficult to listen or concentrate on what was in front of him for the worlds swirling inside his imagination, but they had to eat. Julio said another prayer and waited.

Like a child waiting for the ice cream truck, Julio darted out of the house as soon as the mail truck came into view. He tried to be cool but yanked the mail quickly out of the mail carrier’s hands.  Shuffling through, he found what he had prayed for day after day., an envelope with the publisher’s return address. The curious postal worker sat and stared at him from her truck while Julio ripped it open.

A piece of paper floated to the grass as he read the word “Congratulations.” He bent down and picked up the extra paper from the damp ground. He flipped it over and saw a check for ten thousand dollars. Julio looked at the mail carrier, “Is it real?” She simply shrugged her shoulders and gave him a curious look. He continued reading the letter. The publisher wanted the book and was offering a ten thousand dollar advance. Julio whooped and hollered. He began dancing on his front lawn.

The mail carrier laughed, shook her head and drove off. Jane came rushing outside to see Julio dancing in the middle of the street, and then back to his yard, and back into the street again. She rushed over and caught him in the yard before he could make his way back to the asphalt for another lap. “What is going on!?”  Julio laughed and showed her the letter and check. They embraced and kissed. Jane held Julio still for a moment. “I told you, honey, we love your writing.” The two danced in the yard, not caring who saw.

The Daily Post: Dancing

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