Short Stories

Darla’s Dilemma

How do I choose between my husband and my job? I know there is more going on here than simply Chuck. Garcia knows as well. I can’t connect the dots, but I believe Garcia already has the answers. If I tell Harold what I think, he’ll make a run at Garcia. The last time that happened, he almost tore him apart.

I believe Chuck wants to kill Garcia, but he can’t be his only target. Like my husband has said in private, why would he go after Bill if his goal is to kill Garcia? All Chuck would have to do is pick up a couple of Franks when they go to the Keys for a supply run. Garcia would have to negotiate, and Chuck would have him in the open. Why worry about Harold’s long-lost brother?

Maybe that’s why Garcia seems obsessed with Bill. Perhaps he thinks Bill holds some key to Chuck’s behavior. I’ve never seen him chase every lead without regard to due diligence. He taught me to be methodical and has thrown all of that aside. Maybe Garcia’s afraid my husband will blame him if Bill gets kidnapped. I don’t think that’s possible. Garcia is as ruthless as they come. If Harold presented a real threat, Garcia would put a bullet in his head without thinking twice about it.

So, here I sit. A wife who can’t tell her husband she suspects there is more happening than he knows, and a CIA agent who wants to confront my superiors for what they are doing to my family but can’t. I’m unable to go to Alice, either. She appears enthralled with Harold’s brother too. Alice and Garcia insist on running point for every sighting.

I don’t know what I’m going to find in the future, but I am sure of one thing. We have to capture or kill Chuck to have any hope of ever regaining our freedom. I love our tropical paradise, but all of us are tired of looking over our shoulders and being told where we are allowed to go.

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