Darren felt the blackness begin to give way to gray. Pain shot through his skull. He opened his mouth. His lips were sticky. He licked them, and the metallic taste of blood touched his tongue. The world started coming into focus and then pain shot up through his body. Darren sucked in his breath, and everything rushed into view.

The headlights from the delivery truck shown right into his face. He looked to his left. A man he didn’t know lay collapsed on the shoulder. His cell phone lay next to his open palm. Deborah, where was Deborah!? He looked to his right. Her head hung limply on her shoulder, and rested bleeding against the doorframe. Deborah’s eyes stared into the night with no light behind them. He tried to reach for her, but his arm would not move. He looked down and saw the compound fracture at his elbow. Seeing his bone sticking out should have elicited a reaction, but Darren knew he was already in shock.

He cried out to God. Let the creator take his life, but spare her’s. Deny death his victory. Deny the darkness Deborah’s bright light. Behind him, he saw the red lights of the firetrucks and EMTs pulling up. Blue lights showed flashing along the edges of the truck’s headlights. “How long had the police been there?” Someone walked up to the car. “Please help Deborah. I will be okay.” Was that a policeman?

The man standing outside yelled towards the red flashing lights, “Hey! This guy has multiple compound fractures, and his legs appear crushed under the dash! The woman is unresponsive. He wants you guys to check her first.”

A woman in an EMT uniform yanked on the passenger door, but it would not budge. A policeman walked up and shattered the glass. “Please watch her eyes!” Darren pleaded. The police and the EMT yanked and pulled. The door finally gave way with a scream of metal on metal. A male EMT appeared, and both EMTs gently lifted Deborah out of the car and laid her on the ground. They checked her vitals and began to give her CPR. Darren prayed, ignoring his agony. A policeman brought a blanket and placed it on top of Darren. Tears began to flow down Darren’s face. Two Firemen walked up and began discussing where they would put the jaws of life to rip the car’s cockpit open and free Darren. How did such a good night end in such a nightmare? “I have a pulse!” excitedly exclaimed the EMT.

Could it be true? Darren looked towards the activity around Deborah. Oxygen was over her mouth. The IV needle was being taped off, and they were administering medication. The female EMT looked in Darren’s direction.

“She’s stabilizing. I think she will be alright sir. Why don’t we take care of you now?”

Darren painfully shook his head affirmatively. Despite his pain, he savored the victory. “Not tonight Death. Tonight you were denied by the God of life.” A fiery pain throughout his body stopped his short-lived celebration. The agony he had been blocking came rushing in like a flood. He could hardly breathe, and then someone stuck a needle in his arm. The pain started to retreat, and a much-needed sleep swept through his body.

Daily Prompt-Deny

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