Eclipse Blog By My Friend Lucius

I would be remiss if I did not recognize the solar eclipse today. So, I have decided to let my imaginary friend, Lucius, write this blog. He is from Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Hey, how y’all doin’? I’m tickled Gary asked me to write here. There isn’t much I can do around my town today anyway. I’ve never seen so many people. You can’t hardly walk, let alone drive your pickup. You’d think they hadn’t never seen the sun or the moon before. We got all kinds of people from everywhere runnin’ around.

I have a cousin that works at the Hampton Inn. It’s nice by the way. She said they ain’t never seen so many folks. I just don’t understand people’s infatuation with the sun going out. I tell you what, if the sun stayed out I bet those folks would be running away faster than they got here.

I got another cousin here, he’s pretty smart. He sold some of those sunglasses so you can look at the sun. Why anyone would want to look at the sun I have no idea. Anyway, he made $500.00. Then someone claimed they were fake. I know my cousin, he’s an honest guy. He bought them sunglasses from a company in China. They make computers in China, so they gotta know how to make sun glasses.

Well I had fun but I need to go. I’ve got a sweet tea and beer stand out front and my cousin’s nephew is out there by himself. I need to get back to work before he decides to leave for the eclipse party down at his friend’s uncle’s farm. Y’all be good.

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