Charlie felt foolish. All night long Michelle had been trying to get him to talk. “Just express what you’re thinking.” Easy for her to say. She did not know how beautiful she is. Charlie lost himself in her eyes every time he tried to look at her and speak. He felt like the king of the world when she accepted his invitation for a date. Now he was acting like a fumbling idiot.

At Pete’s Diner, he had spilled his coke. Thank God, it didn’t land on her. He had managed to escape with only a little bit on the hem of his pants. Then at the movies, he offered her popcorn. He still could not figure out why his arm moved so fast. At least it wasn’t buttered. Michelle just giggled and picked up some off her dress and ate it. The rest just had pushed to the floor.

That was not the worst part. Backing out of Pete’s he dinged the bumper on his dad’s car. His dad was going to kill him. Now here they were, almost to her house, and he still had not managed to put two words together. She must think he has a mental disorder. “Michelle, I’m sorry I couldn’t talk much tonight. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. You must think I’m an idiot.”

“No, I think you’re sweet.”

What! Did she really say that to him! “Slow down, don’t get a speeding ticket. Sweet, that’s better than cute isn’t it?” Charlie had to stop his mind from racing. He needed to focus on driving his dad’s car. He had no idea what had gone right, but whatever it was, Charlie was happy he did it.

He eased his┬ácar into her parents’ driveway. “Michelle, do you think you might want to go out again sometime?”

“I’d love to.” Michelle leaned over and kissed Charlie on the cheek. “Good night.”

Charlie held his palm to his cheek. “Good night. I’ll see you at school.”

“Count on it.”

Michelle got out of Charlie’s car and went inside the house. Charlie eased the car out of the driveway and down the road. As soon as he hit the two-lane out of town, Charlie hit the gas. He arrived home a short time later, with no memory of anything except Michelle’s kiss.

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