Focus On The Chaos

It has been an insane couple of weeks since I stopped working on my book. I am preparing for my second edit, and I always like to take at least two weeks away to return with fresh eyes. In the old days, I would start a new Lucius book or write more online fiction. Unfortunately, with my health recently, I am learning to slow down.

Well, slowing down in life is a relative term. Jesus said not to be anxious because each day’s trouble is enough. The older I get, the more true this verse becomes in my life.

After returning from the beach, we discovered our twelve-year-old cocker spaniel’s health had taken a nosedive for the worse. I spent the entire week getting up every two hours with the dog while she attempted to go to the bathroom and adjust to the pain in her body.

Her last night on earth, my wife and I stayed up all night with her. Very few things will rip out your heart like putting down an animal that is a part of your family. Just a few short hours after burying our dog, our grandchildren came to visit. It was a bittersweet moment of enjoying our family’s future versus the loss of one who unconditionally loved us all.

At the end of this dramatic weekend, my front door’s old knob suddenly froze and locked into place. Nothing would release it. It was like it had fused in position. So, yesterday I fixed the door and did other small repairs.

At this point, I could tell you this experience inspired me to write some new stories, but that is not what I got out of this experience. Instead, we often finish a milestone or task and believe our battles are over for the foreseeable future.

In reality, the tasks you have been putting off, your spouse’s honey-do list, the children who have been wanting your attention, they all stand at the ready. The minute you put down your proverbial pen, a stampede comes your way. So, put away the idea that you can start that second book, give up on the notion that you will finally read that other author’s work, or play that new video game.

Today’s troubles are sufficient for themselves. Smile and be thankful you have room and time to deal with them. They will serve their purpose and drag your mind away from the world you created. When you return, your fresh eyes will be able to see the flaws and foibles that need fixing in your universe.

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