Fridays With Lucius

Happy Friday Y’all. I’m just tickled pink to be here. Gary told me I can get on this blog every Friday ’cause he wants a break. Not only that, but I can talk about whatever I want!

I hope you read my blog on Tuesday. What does blog even mean? Anyway, I made a killin’ on that beer and tea. At least ’til the Sheriff showed up. He’s always killin’ my fun. Got all uppity just because we had a line four blocks long. It weren’t like folks were busy. Everybody standin’ round waitin’ on the sun to disappear.

Dern Sheriff said we had created a hazard and can’t sell beer without a license. Even said I had to have a license for the sweet tea. That ain’t southern! He made me shut down my stand. I opened her back up again in an hour. The Sheriff had to rush off to something else by then. I still made me one thousand dollars! Well, I did have to pay my nephew twenty bucks for watchin’ things while I was writing on here. Oh, and then I spent a hundred on beer for myself.

I wish that sun had stayed away longer though. It’s been plum hot here. Every time I go outside I sweat more than a frog in a boiling pot. My neighbor Luke said he saw the devil out in his corn field. He walked out there and asked the devil what he was doing on his land. The devil said it didn’t matter ’cause he was going home. It was just too darn hot.

If ya’ll will excuse me I need to go now. My bassett hound Flash just came through her doggie door. She’s so hot part of her tongue is still outside. Ya’ll be good.

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