Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a simple message from me to you, my readers. I want to thank everyone who reads my stories during the week. Whether you just showed up or began with me from the start, thank you. For those who have partnered with me on Patreon, you are incredible. Thank you for supporting me as we journey through these many stories together. May you always find my writing entertaining and at times thought-provoking.

I am thankful for my kids who have begun rolling here for our massive meal together tomorrow. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my stories and upcoming books. I am incredibly appreciative of the chance to write. Words fail me in thanking my God who has made me, and everything. I do not deserve the opportunity I have, nor the stories that seem to arrive hour by hour inside my head. God’s grace and love for all of us is┬áthe best story.

I hope you will have the time to stop and think about the goodness in your lives, be it great or small. Whether you have close friends like Tommy and Jerry or are lonely orphans, try to find someone to share a bit of your life with tomorrow. Love is the best gift we have to give away; whether it is to an acquaintance we want to make friends with, our best friend, or our soul mate.

I’m taking a break to spend time with my loved ones. I will be back Monday to write these wonderful fun stories that live in my brain. Have a terrific and happy Thanksgiving.

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