Short Stories

Harold’s Suspicion

Something is going on with Garcia and my wife. There is more to this manhunt for Bill than either of them is letting on. Garcia seems more obsessed with my brother than I am. He leaves the island every time the FBI finds a lead, even if it isn’t verified. I know we want to locate Bill and get him to safety, but if we have trouble finding him, Chuck will have trouble as well.

Chuck is an intelligent guy. I think he’s probably smarter than any of us. He won’t waste his time with my brother if he isn’t able to find him. Besides, none of this makes sense. Why not go after Tom, Abigale, or one of my extended family if he’s trying to manipulate me? Maybe Garcia thinks Bill is a soft target since the rest of the family and workers are under surveillance. Chuck may come to the same conclusion as Garcia since both men have a lot of experience.

Maybe I’m just overthinking things. I’m still not convinced Garcia is as clean as he claims. Darla seems to trust Garcia, perhaps too much. Frank at the boathouse tells me he’s worked with Garcia, and he’s a stand-up guy. Alice told me to stay in my lane, which is her way of saying she trusts the man.

If he isn’t working for Chuck, if he is more concerned with Bill’s safety than I am, maybe I should reevaluate my position. I had been using our situation to reunite with my lost brother. It never occurred to me that Chuck might actually try to kidnap him, or worse.

Maybe this is why I had another dream last night. It was different than the ones from the past. My father showed up instead of John. We sat on the bench by the sea. He told me I would be reunited with my family. When I asked him what that meant, he said to trust in God. I’m still not sure how to take that. I haven’t said anything to Darla or Doc. There’s no reason to worry them over one dream. We’re all under a lot of stress. It could have been my brain trying to make sense of things.

At least I don’t have to worry about the company.

Tom and Abigail have things running more smoothly. I’ve tasked them with finding alternative markets away from the military for our products. We still have some of the best rocket scientists and engineers in the industry. The new private space program should open up a lot of opportunities for partnerships. I just need to find a business person I can trust with the prospects and contracts. Of course, until we catch Chuck, the company is stuck in place. I would never risk any of the board traveling to meet with possible leads while he is on the loose.

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