Heading To My Favorite Place

Happy Labor Day! My plan this week had been to take time off through Monday and then continue working as usual. However, life around our household has always been fluid. Granted, now that we have raised our four sons life is quieter but still busy. My wife teaches viola, violin, and piano for a music school. It restricts the number of days we are now able to get out of town. Music teachers who are absent for lessons are often at risk of losing their students.

We were delighted to find out she has no students until Thursday due to the holiday schedule. So now we are heading to the beach, and everyone that celebrated Labor Day weekend is heading home.  I cannot wait to get there. I love the coast.

I was raised on the west coast just a stone’s throw from Huntington Beach, Ca. I grew up around the ocean and did not think much of it until we moved away. Over the years I have fallen in love with the East Coast with its history and abundance of sea life. It is my favorite place to do anything, including writing. You cannot have a bad day at work if you are doing it from the beach.

I have recently read several writers describe what they call a personal writer’s retreat. Instead of spending a lot of money to be alone, but near other writers, the idea is to create a private retreat you can afford. A few days of refuge will help you charge your creative batteries. This writing retreat opportunity at the beach was formed on short notice. I am of the opinion you should take them when you can and as often as you can.

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