So It Begins

Welcome to my Blog! What makes a middle aged man radically change his career path when forced into early retirement? Some would probably call it a mid-life crises, or burnout. There is probably a lot of truth in both of these lines of thinking. I have spent the last twenty six-years as a Software Developer and Manager. I used to love to write fictional stories before I started my career in computers. Divine timing, a writing course, and what feels like an unending flow of stories have all brought me to where I am today.

For me, writing seems like a natural transition. The only difference is the medium. I now use English and paper, well electronic paper, to interact with my users (readers) instead of computers and programming. My stories are limited only by the infinite human imagination. I promise to give you a memorable ride, but I will never suddenly end the tracks and send you flying off into the abyss.

My style of writing is Transformation Fiction. This form of fiction brings illumination to the characters, and if it is done correctly the reader and the author as well. I have been writing for over a month now and I cannot wait to share some of my daily discovery as a writer. I plan to post a new blog every day Monday through Friday. Please stop by as often as you like, and share my journey with me.

If you would like to hear of my upcoming books, or message me directly, the contact page menu is located at the top right. Please fill out the form and I will respond as well as let you know when my first two books have their official release dates.(Best of all, my first published book is free!) To return to this section simply click on “Gary’s Writing Corner” in the upper left.

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