Hunting Down Fiction Authors

Finding thriller genre writers is hard. I have found many non-fiction writers amongst blogs or writer magazines I read. Many of these people are journalist majors who are looking to break into news magazines or media. That is a very different career path versus someone who is wanting to write fiction for a living.

I know a few authors. However, they are also non-fiction based. All of these folks write Christian Living books. Again, a very valid field, but far different from fiction. I have managed to find a handful of fiction writers. Unfortunately, they all write romance stories. Although my books are action thrillers, they are not a “True Lies” sort of tale.

I realize I can pay a lot of money to find a writer’s conference with other fiction writers in my genre. From what I have read, many of these events consist of workshops and a lot of time alone writing. I will be doing that one day. However, today I want to find fiction writers that can answer my simple questions on marketing and what worked well for them. My writing course gave a great outline on how to get your first books into the readers’ hands and start┬ámaking a living. However, in the past year, the market forces have changed, so some of that information is dated.

If you, or someone you know, is a fiction writer. In particular, if you are a writer of thriller fiction, please reach out to me in the comments. I would love to pick your brain, and not in the horror sense.

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