Hurricane and Trade Show

There are no stories this week because I am going to the Southeastern Independent Booksellers Alliance Discovery Show in Tampa, Florida. I get to be on a panel with three other mystery, thriller, suspense authors. This is my first panel, and I am incredibly excited.

Our original plan was to drive from Charlotte, NC down to Tampa, Fl via the coast. Unfortunately, hurricane Florence has caused most of the coastal roads to be blocked and reversed west to evacuate residents. So, we are driving the long way to Florida via an inland route, and we hope the traffic is not too bad. With my health issues, the ten-plus hour drive will be a challenge.

Fortunately for Charlotte, we are expecting a significant rain event only, but a lot of the coast is going to take a very nasty hit. Prayers are needed for those in the storm’s path as not everyone can evacuate. Also, please pray for safe travels and God’s protection for those evacuating.

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