The young hooded men rushed towards Delilah and Henry. Henry ran forward and crashed headlong into the first man, and then a blinding flash of light appeared before his vision followed by a sharp pain that emanated from the back of his head.

Henry awoke to find himself in the mud next to the river. He rolled to his side and began to look around. Despite the lingering pain he groped and clawed at the ground to force his way up. There was nobody around. Henry looked at the ground and saw only his footprints. He jerked and looked towards the sound of approaching footsteps.

A man in a white lab coat stepped into view followed by two orderlies.

“Henry, are you okay?” said the man in the lab coat.

Henry sighed, “Doctor Lewis, they took her again. They took her, and I can’t find her.”

Lewis walked over and hugged Henry and stepped back. “Henry, she has been gone for a long time now. Don’t you remember? It was five Halloween’s ago that she disappeared.”

Henry tried to remember. “I don’t know. I remember us breaking into the hospital, but how did we get here?”

Lewis shook his head, took Henry’s hands and looked him in the eye. “Henry, listen to me, you do this every year. We never snuck into the hospital. You’re a patient here, and I am your doctor. Delilah was a volunteer who loved you. Can’t you remember?”

“Do you need any help?” asked one of the orderlies.

Doctor Lewis released Henry and lifted his hand, “No, we’ll be okay, this has happened every year since Delilah’s murder.”

“But she was just here,” Henry began to weep, and Doctor Lewis held him.

“Hello,” a voice seemed to echo across the river, but everyone ignored it. Again, the haunting question rolled over the waters, “Hello, Henry, are you there?”

“Did you hear that?” asked Henry, “somebody said my name.”

Everyone stood there in shock. “Maybe it’s her,” said Henry with his voice raised in excitement. “Hello,” he hollered at the top of his lungs.

“Did you hear that?” asked David as he looked at Ian wide-eyed and swung around the SB11 Spirit Box in his hand. “That was a man’s voice, and he said hello when I asked for Henry.”

“Try again,” said Ian.

“Hello, Henry, are you here with us?” hollered David into the cold, damp air next to the river.

“Do you hear that doctor?” asked Henry.

Doctor Lewis slowly nodded with a scowl upon his face.

“Hello,” hollered Henry once more.

“There it goes again,” said Ian. “I think it’s Henry. Ask him if Delilah is with him.”

David cleared his throat and spoke slowly and deliberately. “Delilah, are you here with Henry?”

Henry heard Delilah’s name waft across the breeze of the New River. He began to weep again and put his head into Doctor Lewis’ shoulder.

Doctor Lewis frown, “That’s just somebody playing a cruel joke somewhere upriver. Everyone knows you come here and mourn on Halloween. That voice is most likely kids. Don’t let them get you down, Henry. Delilah loved you, and she is waiting for you in eternity. Don’t give into the despair because of the cruelty of others.”

Henry released the doctor and wiped his face into his shirt sleeve and nodded his head.

Doctor Lewis face scowled, and his chest rose. He let out a deep, angry yell, “Get out of here, or there’ll be trouble.”

“Whoa,” said David. “Did you hear that?”

“Yeah,” said Ian, “Maybe we should go. We made something mad.”

The two young men began making their way through the muddy and grassy trail back towards the dilapidated hospital.  “What do you think that was?” asked David.

Ian shrugged, “Who knows. It sounded like a demon. Maybe he’s the thing that killed Delilah. Maybe that’s why Henry can’t find peace and leave this place. One thing’s for sure, we got our hands on some good evidence.”

David smiled, “We sure did, and I have it all on video.”

The two nodded, and fist-bumped one another. Ian opened the trunk of his car that was parked at the rear of the hospital. As they put away their equipment David looked over at Ian, “Hey man, do you think this will get us enough views to get monetized on YouTube?”

Ian shook his head and laughed. “No, they’ll probably restrict it. I’m thinking we should start doing a live stream on Twitch and talk about our footage.”

David nodded in excitement, “Yeah, and this video evidence is just the thing to kick it off with.”

“Exactly,” said Ian.

The two men got into the car and drove off into the night, satisfied with the questions, but no answers, they had found at the old hospital.

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