Short Stories

Joshua Journal Entry one

People say we doctors make the worst patients. I suppose that’s true. I have no issues with journaling about those who come for my help, but to journal about my own experience? Let’s say my hypocrisy is beginning to show itself. Still, if I am going to insist the others do this, I must lead by example. Besides, Maria won’t let me sluff off my assignment.

I wish I could say I cared about the number of days it’s been since we were dragged back to the island from North Carolina for our safety. I counted the first two weeks, but time doesn’t matter after a while when you’re living the island life. This is a gilded cage surrounded by Caribbean waters and pristine skies. If I were planning to retire, it would be a dream to live here.

Unfortunately, when you have someone trying to kill you, and you can’t leave your cage without an armed escort, paradise becomes a prison. Maria and I have become close friends with Frank at the boathouse. I bring him coffee every morning, and Maria brings him lunch. He always has the small cabin cruiser gassed up and ready to go when Maria and I leave for our afternoon excursion around the nearby desert islands. I’ve even helped him in his relationships with his family.

Of course, those precious moments are few and far between. We practice evacuation drills at least once a day. The sirens are so loud. I’m surprised Chuck hasn’t found us just from the sound. The target practice on the far end of the island has been somewhat enjoyable. However, Maria hates the guns and fusses at me every day at lunch about shooting them. If invaded, I’m concerned that she won’t be able to pull the trigger.

I get less time with Harry now that he and Darla are married. We had no idea Garcia is an ordained minister. The man is full of surprises, and he was more than happy to oversee the vows. I did enjoy the small gathering for their nuptials. If we were still in California, there would have been hundreds attending, and most of them would have been there for the free food and drinks rather than Harry and Darla.

I miss my time just shooting the breeze with him, but newlyweds need their time together. I should know, Maria reminds me every day that we have yet to start a normal life.

I was supposed to talk about how I feel, but as I said before, we doctors make the worst patients. I would describe my feelings as pragmatic. I am taking things hour by hour, day by day. I trust Garcia and Darla to find Chuck and release us from our cage. Until then, I’m just making the best of a bad situation.

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