Joshua and the Shadow of Death

Joshua’s office rumbles with the thunder of another Berserker fit from a young man he has tried to help since he first showed up at the orphanage. Only now, the stakes are higher as Joshua tries to help his adoptive parents deal with the demon inside their son that they love so dear.

Over a decade has passed. Harold has grown into a responsible man who is close to his parents. Still, the Berserker remains. Joshua is focused on his research when a pop can be heard in the background. The walls and doors rattle, a woman screams, and Joshua runs to find out what has happened.

Chaos and death meet Joshua as he runs into his best friend’s home office. His lifeless body slumps from a gunshot wound. Joshua rescues Harold’s mother from her son’s grief-stricken rage. As the police arrive and the scene begins to calm, it becomes evident that Joshua’s best friend has taken his own life. Everyone is left with one question, why?

Joshua’s world turns dark as he loses all confidence in his abilities and decision making. How could he not see the signs of his best friend’s depression? Has Harold snapped, or was the uncontrolled rage that tore apart his father’s office only temporary?

To add to the mystery, a cryptic suicide note is left behind. It hints of conspiracy and self-sacrifice. Joshua must try and find the answers and heal the family, but can he do that when he no longer trusts himself?

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