Lucius At The Beach

Hey y’all. Let me tell you. I am tan and ready for the fall. Gary and his wife took Darla and me to the beach with them. It was a hoot! We went on Labor Day, ’cause that’s when folks are gettin’ ready to go back to work.

I was all excited. I figured there would be lots of room for us at the beach Monday afternoon. That’s what I get for figuring. It was so crowded I felt like a tom cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs. I’m just not used to that many folks. I told the rest I would go back to the hotel. Gary got us real good rooms. We was on the very top floor. Seven stories up! I sat there on our deck feelin’ much better now that I had room to breathe. I was enjoying one of Darla’s biscuits and lookin’ down at all those folks on top of each other around the pool, in the pool, and on the beach. I hoped they were leaving before too long.

Lookin’ straight down I saw four stories below me there was a restaurant of some sort. They had folks outside at the tables. There was this couple sittin’ below with just drinks. They didn’t even have bread! Well, I was sure they’d like Darla’s biscuits, so I dropped them one. Instead of sayin’ thank you, they looked up and started yellin’ at me. You just can’t be nice to some folks.

Wouldn’t you know, about that time everyone got back. Even better, folks started leavin’ the beach. While Darla and our friends were restin’ in the room I decided to head down to the water. There were still folks around, but you could see the sand. I had a grand ole time. The water felt good and warm. There were schools of little fish swimmin’ in the waves. I found some little tiny sharks swimming in one of the pools you see after the tide goes out. I was just walkin’ along and there they were. They’d took off a runnin’ when I started to shuffle my feet towards ’em. ‘Course that worries me a might now. What if them things remember. In a few years from now they come back bigger, and if I’m out in the water they might recognize my feet and set me to runnin’ instead.

The next mornin’ Darla and I went walkin’ on the beach. We were plumb surprised at how much cooler the water felt. Darla thought it had somethin’ to do with the tides and the current. I got to thinkin’ there were a lot of people in that water the day before when it was so warm. Now there aren’t and it was cooler. I decided I preferred Darla’s idea.

I have to share one more thing. We went eatin’ at the restaurant called Sweet and Savory. I ain’t never seen such a menu. It all looked so good. We had us some fried green ‘maters. They were so tasty. Then I got me some Carolina BBQ because no self-respectin’ Carolina boy goes to eastern North Carolina and doesn’t get ‘Que. Let me tell you, their mac n cheese was slap your momma good.  They not only had lots of cheese, but they had bacon in it! Now that’s how you make mac n cheese.

If y’all ever go down to Wrightsville Beach you check out that restaurant. Also, look out for any of them sharks out yonder in the deep water. They might mistake your feet for mine. Y’all be good.

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