Lucius’ Neighborhood Candy Giveaway

Hey Y’all. I hope you folks had a great Halloween. Let me tell you, we had a right many folks drop by. We had neighbors near and far come to our little community. I ain’t seen such a Halloween crowd since we had youngins runnin’ about the homestead.

Now Darla and I don’t do much, cause we enjoy being lazy when we can get the chance. We just had a pumpkin that Darla carved up, and candy. Darla even did me the favor of sittin’ outside this year so our dog don’t try and run out the front door and bite one of the scary children.

I guess some folks ’round here must’ve had some powerful decorations to bring folks in like we had. I went outside once to keep Darla company and it looked like a Halloween parade. I saw pickups with children in the back with all sorts of glowing lights and such. Some other folks had the idea to tow an old flatbed trailer on the back with hay bales. It was covered with adults and children alike. You’d thought we were the center of the county with all the folks.

Evidently, some neighbors really love Halloween cause we even had adults come askin’ for candy. Now I enjoy having fun as much as the next guy, but at some point a body has to find somethin’ better to do. When I was a younger man we’d have parties, not go knockin’ on doors. Maybe it’s just ’cause I’m just a country fella, but we preferred PJ to Peanut Butter Bars when we were old enough to enjoy that sort of thing.

Anyway, these folks show up at our step. I hear these deep voices and walk outside. There are these young people in their twenties. Three of ’em was dressed like different things you’d expect, slashers and one werewolf. There was one fella though who was wearin’ a cat costume. Actually, it looked more like pajamas, but maybe that’s how they is makin’ costumes now. I asked him what sort of puss he was supposed to be. Evidently this fella didn’t like cats ’cause he got a might upset when I asked him that.

He starts yellin’ at me, and callin’ me names I ain’t never heard. I suppose he was insultin’ me, but I couldn’t understand him none, so it didn’t bother me. Then he started talkin’ politics. That’s when my dander got up. I told him we don’t talk about such things except during April Fools Day. Well that poor fella went crazy. I reckon he had a condition. He threw his candy out of the plastic pumpkin he was carryin’ all over the ground, walked over and kicked our pumpkin and went stormin’ off sayin’ words I can’t write up here. His three friends looked as confused as we was.

One of the girls dressed with a hockey mask claims they just met him. I ain’t there to judge ’em, but I told those three they should be more careful, and maybe next year go to a party. I offered ’em the candy on the ground. They were plumb pleased to take it all. I thought it was right neighborly of ’em to clean up that candy for us. It’s good to know some folks in the next generation has some manners.

Y’all be good.

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