Many Changes Coming

So much has occurred in one week.

Ads: You probably notice the ad banner at the bottom of the posts if you have ad blocking turned off. I am very excited to be approved for ad-sense. Writing is my only source of income, so ads are needed to ensure I can do things like paying my bills. However, if the choice is blocking the ads or not reading my blog, please feel free to block them. My writing means nothing without my readers.

Article changes: I will be honest. Attempting to write different fictional stories throughout the week is a huge challenge. To help with this endeavor, I have begun using a blog site called “The Daily Post.” They provide prompts for writers and also provide us a way to see each other’s work. I will be writing short fictional articles based on those prompts Monday, Wednesday, and eventually Thursday.

Patreon: I have begun building a Patreon site. Patreon relies on the old practice of patrons supporting the arts. This site allows patrons to support their artist starting as little as a dollar per month, or per project and amounts up from there. You will see more announcements on this. Patreon is terrific for writers. It can provide an income stream that allows us to create stories beyond the Amazon model. It frees us up to write longer stories, remove ads from our sites as the support increases, and provide a platform for our patrons to become involved in the creative process with us, including being recognized in our work. Additionally, individual sponsor levels will have early access to new books.

First Book: My first book has gone through four copy edits. The hard part starts tomorrow. I send off my story’s documents to Erin Healy, Ted Dekker’s editor. In a week I get back her notes, and we begin our journey to improve the weak points. At least I hope that is all we need to do.

Second Book: I have been working on my outlines and summaries for the second book in the series. After I finish my project with Erin on the first book, I will begin writing the draft for the second book. I am hopeful to have this started before the end of October.


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