Mountain Top

I am in an undisclosed location here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s one of my favorite places and plays a role in my first novel. I love this area because of the memories I have around here. We moved to North Carolina when I was sixteen. During that last couple of years of high school my favorite hobby was driving anywhere and everywhere I was allowed. First in my dad’s truck, and later in my own. This area was only about an hour from home. In an hour and a half I could be deep in the Appalachians. Later, when I was attending North Carolina State University I would drive through this area on my way to Johnson City, Tn. to visit my parents. I took several dates to this area. There’s no better date than enjoying mountain vistas together. I married the last girl I brought here, and thirty years later here we are, still enjoying the mountains.

It’s important as a writer I have places I can go to change my perspective. It doesn’t have to be a long trip. I enjoy travelling and going places anytime I can. However, simply walking around a park or out in my back yard also gives me a fresh perspective.

Transformational Fiction takes a lot out of you. It’s not simply imaginary characters involved in some detached adventure. It’s a story based on the author’s own thoughts and experiences. Bringing story to life can be draining. Taking time to renew my mind is the best way to ensure my story telling remains vibrant.

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