New Year and New Endeavors

A new edition to our family occurred over the Christmas break. We adopted a new Basset Hound puppy. I named her Wobbly, after the dog in my Lucius series. Unlike that dog, this animal is all Basset, no bulldog included.

I had not anticipated the amount of work this bundle of love, chaos, and regret would be. She is six months old now. We brought her home at eight weeks. After being without a dog for around nine months, adding a fur baby to our newly remodeled abode is an adjustment.
To keep up with her is its own full-time job. As a result, I do not have time to write new fiction. However, I want to keep those who follow me updated on my creative endeavors.

I will be posting a video podcast titled “Life with Wobbly.” I hope to post a new video every week, but, well, love, chaos, and regret. This podcast will be about not only the dog but stories I find on the internet in addition to my own life. It is similar to my “Lunch with Lucius and Lukus” without Craig.

Look for new posts under “Blog.” As always, I’ll make a note on the website’s homepage. I hope you will join me there. In case you are wondering, yes, I do intend to start writing again, as soon as we get our bundle of love a little older and better trained, or at least more agreeable.

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