Part 3 A Couple Weeks Away

How Dare I Stop Partway In A Story

When people ask me how my next book is going, I usually tell them it is coming along, but I do not have a date yet. Drafts, edits, interruptions, and life in general, get in the way of writing.

No matter its size, every story has a life of its own. When I write, I am in the place I am describing. Whether it is a biological weapon for the next pandemic, or a series involving two half-brothers, the defense industry, spies, and gun runners, I am always on location when I write these stories.

So, “The Virus Part 3” will be coming out in a couple of weeks. Currently, I focused on my newest book. Part 3 of the Berserker series will answer all the questions that remain open from the first two books. Bill’s story started in 2010, and it has taken me these past three years to get to the point of telling it.

The chapters are smaller in most cases when compared to the previous books. I am focusing on telling the story as concisely and intensely as I possibly can. I have learned a few things over my last five published books. First and foremost, I no longer worry about the book’s size. It can be a novella or a novel; it makes no difference to me. My goal is to bring you the best story experience.

The goals at the end of Bill’s book is to not only wrap up the stories of Joshua, Harold, and Bill but to leave you with some thoughts about how you view your strengths and weaknesses.

Because this is an ambitious effort, I cannot write part 3 of the website’s short story until I pause for another breather on the book. Trying to do it any other way would rob you of the tale you are reading here, and I would not want to do that to those of you who enjoy my online writing.

I appreciate you patience, and I hope you’ll enjoy other stories on the website you may not have read yet, or our podcasts. As promised, a new podcast series is starting the end of October for those.

Have a great week, and y’all be good.

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