Where am I? My wrist and ankles burn. I recall now. I was tied up and thrown in the trunk of a car. Where am I now? I have never seen this landscape. It’s so rocky and barren, even in the dark. Wait, these are not the clothes I was wearing. Why is it so cold? I’m wearing glasses, no this is a shield. Slow down Phillip; you are going to be okay, just breath.

Somebody is obviously playing a trick. If I could just get this helmet off, but it seems to be stuck. Let me think. I can not appear to remember anything after the trunk of that car. No, it was not a car. It was a compartment, but I volunteered. That’s right. I think I remember some of this now. I climbed into a capsule through a small door. I put my hands and legs into the straps to prepare for sudden acceleration. I was not alone though. That’s right; we were in a spaceship that left the moon’s orbit.

Where did we go? I remember orbiting a planet; it must be this planet. Let me see if I can remember anything by looking up. The stars are all different. What is the blue dot? I bet that’s earth! Oh no! Am I alone on this planet? Wait, I do have a light on my helmet. Wow, look how red the soil is. I know where I am, Mars. Where do I go now?


“Phil, it’s Hank! Can you hear me?”

“Hank! Oh, you scared me when you grabbed my shoulder. I must have blacked out. I feel a little disoriented.”

“We’re all a little discombobulated from the sleeping gas we’ve been breathing. Come on back to the ship. We can explore tomorrow.”

“Where’s the ship?”

“Turn around Phil.”

“Oh! Yeah, I think we should probably all wait until tomorrow before we explore.”


Daily Prompt:   Planet

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