Shotguns and Friends

Hey y’all! We are sayin’ hey to winter in these parts. In Carolina we tend to go from shorts to sweaters in a matter of hours. None of us like the cold none, but it kills our bugs and a few reptiles. So, winter is tolerable, but maybe not welcomed.

My buddy Bobby ain’t too happy about this weather none. He’s in right much pain after a shootin’ accident. Well, if I’m gonna be honest, it was a stupid accident, and it could’ve been much worse. I had invited Bobby and Frank over to the farm for a little recreational target practice. What with the warm weather ’til recently, and all the chores around the farm done, it’s a great time. At least when folks mind their weapons.

Bobby showed up with his grandpa’s old shotgun. He was as pleased as punch. He had just put varnish on the stock and the barrel grip, and he’d oiled the barrel and the trigger. For a shotgun over a hundred years old, it looked showroom new. Frank was most impressed and asked if he could hold it. Now, most folks who handle firearms know you should unload your weapon and open the chamber to make sure that gun won’t go off.

Frank took that gun, but didn’t bother to crack it open. He’s lookin’ at it and Bobby is going on ’bout all the work he had done on it. I’m sure you figured out by now that gun went off. Fortunately, Bobby had turned around to talk to me for a second when it did. It’s a good thing that shotgun was only a twenty gauge with bird-shot cause them pellets went into Bobby’s hind end.

Lawd, the whoopin’ and hollerin’. I ain’t seen jumpin’ and yellin’ like that since we was kids and painted the family dog Gamecock colors. My daddy whooped all of us for that one, on account he was a Clemson fan. We got ole Bobby to the emergency room and they took them pellets out. Course Bobby ain’t sittin’ too good right now. Heck, other than layin’ on his stomach that boy is pretty uncomfortable most of the time.

I did help him out a might though. Them docs wanted to give him those dangerous pain killers. Course ain’t none of us folks around here need them crazy drugs. I just took Bobby some shine medicine. He told me he’s able to sit and watch t.v. a might easier. Frank is pitchin’ in by doin’ any work Bobby needs ’round his place. I might be wrong, but I have a feelin’ Bobby may be laid up longer than them doctors think. Least until Frank gets wore out. Y’all be good.

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