Slowdown A Minute

My productivity has dropped off a lot. If you follow my site, I am sure you are wondering if I had abandoned my works. I used to write at least once a week or more. However, I’m doing good to write once every two weeks at the moment.

Earlier, I blamed my low website productivity on my newest book. Indeed, I am still writing it. Here is a piece of insider news. The book will appear here before it gets released to the traditional market, so stay tuned.

Since 2017, I have published five books. Also, I have experienced reducing my nest egg to zero while I clawed my way through the social security process over three years. After that, covid hit all of us. Overall, my family has borne the brunt of it reasonably well, but not without taking the time to help each other in times of crisis.

After all of the drama, I do have some answers, like what I will write moving forward and how to publish it. I have accepted that I cannot return to a regular job due to my limitations. Overall, I am at peace with this new chapter of my life. Still, there is one thing lacking. I have not taken the time to catch my breath.

A pause is essential on the backside of any crisis. It helps us take stock of our situation to see anything we may have missed. The last thing you want is to plan for your new future and have those plans fail because you have forgotten some business you did not wrap up previously.

Additionally, you need to stop and breathe so your mind, spirit, and body can relax. For me, it is a time to hear from God. It is also a time to assess any new or old bad habits I may have picked up along the way to deal with my stress and work to rid myself of those.

So, whether you are a writer, musician, engineer, business person, or what have you, take time in your life to rest. Pausing for a few weeks to reflect and re-energize is not lazy. It will help you focus on the new tasks in front of you and give you the strength you need to succeed.

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