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My wife and I found ourselves at a Bar and Grill in a small coastal town in North Carolina. Given the Covid restrictions, occupancy was way down. Officially, the restaurant said they could only accommodate forty-five-and-a-half people. I figured that strict regulations might have caused some people to reconsider going in, especially on Halloween.

For the entire weekend, we had stayed hunkered in our hotel room when not beachcombing. We both had grown tired of being indoors and agreed we should go to one of the few receiving guests.

It was a decision neither of us regretted. I netted at least two good stories the thirty minutes we were there. Whether they will be part of another Lucius book or appear online, I have yet to decide. On top of the writing value, the mere presence of other people having fun lifted our spirits.

I know that so many people are trying to isolate the world. Yet, even the medical experts are now saying that this activity’s side effects are making us worse, not better. We need to realize we cannot hide from this until it goes away. Recognizing and accepting our situation will help us better deal with what we can do.

Writers have this wonderful gift that is not learned or earned. We can look at people, places, situations and draw out the truth. We then put that truth on a page either in the form of non-fiction or fiction.

Today, the truth is that people live in fear of dying and hideaway, hoping the danger somehow disappears.

As I like to remind people, one hundred percent of us will die. I have been wrestling with death my whole life due to my disease. While I keep hoping Jesus will return before I fall over, I know that the odds say I will stop breathing first. The vital truth is that it is not how we die that matters; it is how we live.

Science agrees people are designed to be connected. For instance, if you want to drive someone insane, put them in isolation. While science can only speculate on community needs, it is an objective truth found in science, philosophy, and religion.

Staying connected will not only improve your mood; it will also enhance your psychological health. Finally, it will make you better at whatever you do. The feeling of being wanted, loved, and needed improves our mood and motivates us. If you remove that, your motivation and meaning will begin to atrophy.

So, grab your phone, grab your mask, and meet someone you miss today and tell them what they mean to you.

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