Stop Writing! For a Moment.

As time draws close for the next book release, I find myself having a hard time getting motivated to start on another book. This muck and mire move beyond even my health issues. Everyone declares that we should celebrate our book’s official publication date, but in reality, it starts the next phase of the process.

Next, comes marketing. Sales momentum built up and maintained for at least thirty days hopefully gains organic sales for the next sixty days beyond that period. With multiple books released, the hope is to revive the sales of previous works. As we move into the tail end of this period, work has to begin in earnest for the next book.

So, those who say people should take a break have likely never independently published a book. Even so, these people are correct. Everyone should walk away for at least a weekend. By walk away I mean you should have no access to Kindle Direct, Kobo, PublishDrive, or any other company you use to publish your books. Also, you should remove all social media from your life for this short time.

How can you do this? Simple. Give a spouse, SO, or close friend your smartphone and computer. Take an mp3 player with you or, gasp, a physical book. An even better idea is to take swimming trunks or hiking gear. Quite literally walk away from your responsibilities and catch your breath. Writing is your passion. You are not trying to escape a burden, but gain perspective to make yourself an even better writer.

As your summer releases begin to roll out, plan for a stopping point. It will be hard, and it will go against the grain of your thinking. Follow through and take a breather. It will make you a happier and better writer.

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