Thanksgiving Thoughts

Folks today think of Thanksgiving as Turkey Day. I can understand this perception as Darla makes a mighty fine table for the family. I would be less than honest if I didn’t confess to lovin’ her fowl and fare. Unfortunately, her turkey and fixin’ don’t include Tom as the main course.

Durin’ this time of year, many of us have our minds set on gluttonous eating. We then proceed to the next holiday of presents, kissin’ under a poisonous parasitic plant, and dressin’ up our houses to resemble one of those fireworks stands you see at night in South Carolina along the interstate.

I would be lyin’ if I didn’t tell y’all, I enjoy divin’ into the festivities just like everyone else, but I am often reminded there is more to this holiday of feasting. When I’m sittin’ by a roarin’ fire with Wobbly slobberin’ on my slippers, I am reminded of my blessings. I hope y’all don’t mind if I take a moment to share a little bit.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the books Gary and I wrote this past year. One year ago, I had my first book, “Country Boy,” and Gary had “Joshua and the Shadow of Death.” That feels like two moonshine seasons ago. Today Gary has finished “Harold and the Angel of Death,” and I have two more books written, includin’ my newest “Humor Through The Ages.”

That effort ain’t bad for a couple fellas who can’t move well most days, and I would be less than honest if I didn’t give glory to the Almighty for givin’ me the strength to complete the task. Unfortunately, these efforts have taken a toll, and the rest of the year, we’ll only be writin’ on the blog site.

Lukus and I have started a podcast. I’ve been ruminatin’ about a podcast for some time now. I’m thankful Lukus, and I can share our friendship and humor with y’all. I hope you are enjoyin’ our efforts and the stories and laughs to come.

Like most folks, I am very thankful for my family. I am grateful the good Lord gave me Darla for a wife. I ain’t an easy fella to get along with at times, and that woman’s strength and commitment have been used by the good Lord to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Finally, let me thank y’all for readin’ my website, readin’ or listenin’ to my books, and enjoyin’ our podcasts. I’m grateful I can contribute to this world still and hope y’all are blessed by what you discover. I pray everyone has a fantastic Thanksgivin’, and mind the yankees if you go shoppin’ on Black Friday.

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