The Day The Website Died


The last couple of years have been pretty tough. I dropped hints in my podcasts, but I never mentioned how bad things were. The reality was that we were living day to day financially, and there were times when we not sure we could pay our bills. When you get into that position, your instinct is to go into survival mode.

Since the website and my books were not generating enough money to justify the cost of marketing, I shut down my ads to the site and my books. Finally, I let some of the services for the website lapse.

Judgement Day

This week I began to redesign the website as interest has started to pick up thanks to our podcast. Indeed, you may have come here due to our show and link. My host service is GoDaddy. Although other platforms offer more user-friendly interfacing, GoDaddy has the best customer service, in my opinion. You have the usual online options such as articles, bots, and forums, but the company understands the value of excellent customer service from human beings.

My knowledgeable support analyst pointed out I had no firewall, in addition to some speed enhancements that came along with that service. I agreed to set up a firewall as it is a critical security feature. Almost immediately, I started to have issues.

Turning on the firewall set off a series of events that eventually ended with this website being down for more than a day. As I crawled through the firewall logs to see if something could have been using my host server via a backdoor, I discovered several URLs to my server’s file directory that were blocked.

I was fortunate. None of my data was compromised, and there was no malware. However, the nefarious links that showed up in the log files lead me to believe it was likely being used by blockchain bots. The website is now clean and locked uptight.

Stay On Top Of Your Website

If you are a creator that has any sort of site, make sure you keep it up to date. Perhaps you only want to casually blog as oppose to create something you hope will build into sales. On the other hand, you may be like me and many others who are working towards making at least a little side money from their creativity.

Whatever you do, find out from your hosting company what sort of security services they offer. I recommend having the host company handle security. First, it puts the onus on them should something go awry. Secondly, they own those servers and data centers, so they know what sort of security is needed.

Back To Work

My site is now back up and running, and I am back to writing and posting. If you have any questions about how I worked with GoDaddy, or how I found the links to my server, you can connect with me via

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