The Mistakes We Make

I recently wrote a blog about the importance of taking a break from writing after you have published your book. Like most people I turned right around and went back to work. However, that was not the mistake I am writing about today.

The mistake I recently made has to do with one of my books finally starting to gain popularity. “Humor Deeper Than A Holler” is making headway with its sales numbers.  It is exciting to log into Amazon Sales Reports and see either book sales or KU numbers rising before I get out of bed. It is what every author dreams of.

Unfortunately, because I have not seen these sorts of numbers before, I am not used to the trends. Please don’t get me wrong, the exciting part is not just people buying my book, but the trends that show the book is starting to become popular.

On the Kindle Unlimited report, I can see spikes during certain days of the week when many people have time off to read, like the weekends. This tells me that people are not just purchasing the book, or adding it to their queue of books in Kindle Unlimited, but they are opening the pages and diving right in. Which leads me into the mistake I made.

Last night, at midnight, I decided to look at my sales before going to bed. I used to do this on occasion and it would often be a disappointment, but now I have started to go to bed with a smile on my face. However, last night a different expression passed across my face, it was one of shock. There on the sales report was a free sale for “Humor Deeper Than A Holler.”

I was in a panic, I had not done any new giveaways with “Humor Deeper Than A Holler.” It is my newest book, and after all, I had given away its predecessor right before Humor launched. I searched all over my book’s settings, worried I had turned on something accidentally earlier in the day.

After several minutes of consternation, I remembered. I had turned on the matchbook feature that gives away a free ebook to people who purchase the paperback. I like this feature on my smaller books because it gives people the opportunity to read the book before the paperback arrives. To be honest, nobody had taken advantage of the opportunity. However, this time somebody did.

Once I realized what had happened I was thrilled. Somebody liked my book well enough to get both the ebook and paperback. Amidst the warm fuzzies, a hard truth hit me.  I had turned a happy moment into a chaotic stress-filled nightmare because I had insisted on reading those reports at midnight.

I am as guilty as anybody at pushing my body beyond its limits, which is why I am now disabled. Yet, I still obsess despite time and again being reminded that such habits are bad habits. The moral of this blog post? Don’t be like me, and many others. Learn from our mistakes. Create productive, good habits. Your work will improve and your body will likely last you for decades beyond what you thought possible.


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