Short Stories

The White Demon

The closet door rattled, and the evil serpent tried to escape once more. I padded quietly to the doorway and peered around the corner. My father held the evil beast by the head. Despite Father’s effort, the foul entity forced his way out of the closet.

I scurried back to the dining room and ran under the table. Peeking between the chairs, I could see my dad holding the demon’s tail. He shoved it into the wall. I could only assume this would stop savage from getting away. He grabbed the devil by the neck, and it roared in response.

Father could merely hang on as the barbarian pushed and pulled him around the room. The hungry hooligan sucked up every speck of dead skin, dirt, and anything else that would satisfy its perverse appetite. It then turned in my direction.

Its bright white skin highlighted with shiny streaks of dark blood left me frozen in fear. I bellowed warning after warning until my ears tingled from my cries. Father bravely told me to be quiet and not worry, but I could see his face wince and his back tighten with pain as he fought the demon.

Mother heard my cries, and before I knew it, she had pulled back the chairs and scooped me to safety in her arms. Exhausted, we sat in her chair and watched dad continue his deathmatch. His forehead beaded with sweat, father pulled for all he was worth and dragged the dragon away from us.

The beast paused, and father grabbed it by the throat once more. In a few seconds, it was silent. My dad groaned as he straightened his exhausted body. Without taking time to catch his breath, he yanked the tail from the wall and wrapped it around the devil spawn.

Pulling and pushing, the two continued their tug of war back into the hallway. I considered leaving my mother’s safety but decided prudence was the better part of valor this day. I could hear dad wrestling with the closet door and the white demon. Eventually, the door shut, and all went silent.

I held my breath and waited to see who or what would appear. I sat up and wagged my tail as Father slowly walked into the room. He made his way to his favorite chair and collapsed into it with a grunt. His breath was shallow, and I could see him wincing.

He looked over at me, smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, girl, I’d never let that old thing hurt you.”

I jumped off Mom and walked around the room to ensure nothing had been stolen. Content that all was well, I settled into my bed between my parents. I closed my eyes and thanked God for giving Dad the strength to once more defeat my evil adversary.

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    1. No, but that is a good guess. The key is in what it eats up from the carpet and the tail that plugs into the wall. The colors may not give it away, but consider Wobbly is a dog. Most dogs are afraid of this device. 🙂

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