This Old Haunted House (Ep.4)

Lukus stood there like a cornered animal. He had to get out of the house. “It’s just rattling cabinets, don’t be such a coward Luke.” What was the worst that could happen to him? If the back door was locked, he would go to the front. What’s the worst that ghost could do to him? Break out in a Bee Gees’ song? Lukus slowed his breathing and pictured in his mind the obstacles on the floor he had walked across. With a final cleansing breath, Lukus sprinted for the back door. It was stuck in place.

Something was sliding up behind him. Lukus turned and jumped out of the way as a chair slammed into the back door.  “Thanks!” Lukus yelled in a moment of false courage. He picked up the chair and slammed it against the door’s window for all he was worth. The chair bounced out of his hand and back on the floor. Lukus ran for the front door. The music had changed, but he was too busy to care. He twisted the knob, but it was stuck fast. Lukus kicked and beat on the door. He backed up and threw his shoulder into the upper glass pane. Nothing budged, except for his shoulder.

The flight and fight had nearly run out of him. He had to think, but that stupid song on the piano was making it tough. Lukus started laughing. The piano loudly banged out “Stayin’ Alive.” Someone or something had a real sense of humor. Lukus looked up the stairs and shook his head. He could not stay downstairs. Whatever was going on, they didn’t seem to want to hurt him, but he could not stand the noise. Lukus walked up the first three steps and everything fell silent. Did that mean he should keep going, or turn around? Was he being corralled or warned?

Lucas cautiously made his way up to the top of the stairs. Holding the light out in front of him all he could see was a lot of dust and cobwebs. He noticed the second set of footprints on the dusty floor. Maybe Lucius was here after all. Lucas followed the footprints a short way down the hall to a closed-door. He banged on the door, and yelled, “Lucius, you hillbilly, get on out of there.” He stood there for a few seconds barely able to breathe.Nobody came to the door. He tried the doorknob, but it was locked. The hall became chilly, and Lukus could see his own breath in the air. The floorboard creaked behind him, and he prayed it was Lucius.

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