This Old Haunted House (Ep. 5)

Lukus felt the cold surround his body. It seemed to pass through him. The room began to warm again. Looking behind there was nothing in the darkness. The light in his hand revealed only cobwebs, dust, and mouse droppings, but the hallway had changed. It seemed peaceful. Lukus shivered despite the warmth. “Something went through me, I felt it.” With some trepidation, he shined his light back towards the stairs.

On the right was another bedroom. Its door stood open. Lukus did not want to go in there. However, all the other doors now appeared closed. Lukus knew he could stay in the hallway, but what if it came back? He called the cold air an “it” instead of a breeze because it didn’t feel like a breeze to him. Sure, it had not hurt him, but what if it changed his mind? Worse, what if he got tired, fell asleep on the floor, and a couple of mice decided to walk on him?

Lukus tiptoed into the bedroom. The bed frame looked good. True, it was dusty, but compared to some other furniture in the house this appeared newer. No more than twenty years old. The mattress was not even stained. Nothing seemed out of place. Lukus sat on the side of the bed. The adrenaline began to subside, and exhaustion began to take over. He looked around the room, and there were no signs of mice. “That’s odd. No mice?” He didn’t care about the reasons, he needed to sleep.

Lukus woke up looking into the face of a dark shadow. The storm had passed by and a full moon filtered through the window. “Boy, it’s just a tree.” He attempted to raise up, but could not move. The shadow standing over him seemed to grow closer. Lukus’ felt his shoulders pinned to the mattress. He was trapped. No wonder the mice didn’t come near the bed. Lukus started to scream and pray at the same time. “Dear Lord, oh God! I come against you in the name of Jesus. Oh, let me go you, devil! HELP!!”

His shoulders were released. The shadow moved to the wall. Lukus heard an evil cackle. His blood ran cold. Was this a banshee? Then it said his name.

“Lukus.” Another evil cackle floated through the air. “Lukus, you is the dumbest friend I got.”

He knew that laugh, that voice. “Lucius! You hillbilly. How long have you been here!?”

“All night. I sure had you going. I was worried you’d see my face at the top of them stairs.”

“You mean this place isn’t haunted?”

“No, ain’t no such thing as ghosts.”

“What about the kitchen?”

“What about it?”

“How did you get the cabinets to slam shut?”

“You are slow. I didn’t move ’em. I just had speakers hid. Sounded like they closed. Recorded that in my own kitchen.”

“So that was your speakers playing the piano?”

“Sure was. Got that music off the internet.”

“What about the cold air in the hallway?”

“What cold air?”

“The air was so cold in the hallway I could see my breath.”

“Lukus, you’ve been in here too long. Ain’t no cold air. There just ain’t no ghost.”

The bedroom door slammed shut. Lukus looked over at Lucius. His eyes were wide.

“That wasn’t you Lucius?”

“No.” Lucius swallowed hard and got very quiet. Lukus walked over and tried the knob. It was locked. They both heard the mattress squeak. Lukus got his flashlight out and turned it on. The mattress indented about halfway down like someone was sitting there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anybody there.

“Lucius, you seeing this?”

“I am. Maybe I was wrong about this here place.”

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