This Old Haunted House. Final Episode

“Lukus, what do ya reckon we should do?” Lucius lost look let Lukus know they were in real trouble.

“Lucius, you’ve always been the idea man to get us out of trouble.”

“Not this time Luke.”

Lukus turned towards the bed. “Excuse me, whoever is on the bed. We didn’t mean no harm. My friend Lucius here was trying to play a Halloween prank on me. We didn’t know anybody was here. If we had, we would have never trespassed.”

Lucius reached for the doorknob. It still would not budge. “Look here you ole ghost, or whatever you is!”

Lukus covered Lucius mouth with his hand. Lucius took both hands and pushed it down. “Whatcha doing Lukus!?”

“Don’t make him mad.” Lukus looked over his shoulder. “Sorry about that. He gets a little uppity when he is upset.”

“Upset! You’re dern right I’m upset. We weren’t doing no harm. I just ran a few cables and speakers in the house. Heck, everything has to run on battery. It ain’t like I’m even stealin’ his ‘lectricity.  Okay, maybe I climbed through the bathroom window, snuck around and pushed ya. I didn’t mean no harm. How was I to know you’d trip.”

Lukus turned and faced the invisible thing sitting on the bed. “I apologize for us disturbing your peace.”

Lukus wasn’t sure how he ended up pinned on the wall, but there he hung about three inches from the floor. Something held him hard, making it hard to breath.

Lucius walked over to the bed and kicked at it. “I have had enough of this foolishness. You don’t want us here, and we want to be gone. What is your problem. Let my friend down and we promise to never come back.” Lukus felt himself rise up another two inches on the wall. He was hardly able to get any air.

Lucius flipped the mattress off the bed. “I ain’t afraid of you. You know what’s gonna happen if you kill us. Darla, my wife, is going to bring the Sheriff. They will be all over this house. After that they’ll tear this place down. Ain’t nobody claimed it in years, and nobody wants a house where folks is murdered. Then where will you have to haunt? Now let Lukus down, unlock that door over yonder and we’ll be on our way.”

Lukus felt the pressure release, and then the floor. He was still trying to regain his bearing when the door slammed open. “Thanks, Lucius. Let’s go home.”

“Not yet, I need my stuff.” Both men jumped at the sound of all the other doors in the house slamming shut in unison.

Lukus raised himself off the floor and grabbed Lucius arm. “Sorry, I believe we are invited to leave. After all, we are trespassing.”

“I reckon so.” Lucius hung his head in defeat and pulled a flashlight out of his pocket. Both men made their way down the steps. The front door stood open.  They carefully stepped over the rotting front porch and down the steps. Lucius stopped and looked back. Then he turned to Lukus. “Lukus, you reckon we just imagined all that?”

The front door slammed shut, and the men could hear the doorknob lock.

Lukus smiled, “Nope. Where’s your pickup?”

“Just over yonder beyond them bushes.”

Lucius left the driveway and headed down the road. Lukus looked out the window, glad his experience was over. “Lucius, I hope you don’t think I lost since we both got kicked out of there.”

“Nope. It’s almost 6 am. It ain’t your fault the sun’s too lazy to be up this early.”

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