When Technology Goes Sideways

I can safely say I have not entered the world of writing at a young age. I’m 51 years old. I am old enough to remember taking a typing class in eighth grade on actual typewriters and having to use white out to fix our mistakes. Part of the reason I fell in love with computers and computer engineering was advantage these tools gave us over the “old ways.”

At least it used to be that way. I have two computers I use. My laptop works best for me when writing my first draft for a book. It also works great when writing this blog. I use my desktop for the editing phase of writing. I find it’s easier to edit with a larger computer screen. It also has plenty of horse power and multiple drives, allowing me to have whatever tools I need open without ever taxing the system. When everything is working it is a great system. I would go so far to say fun.

Unfortunately, when it goes sideways, it takes my productivity along with it. That happened today with my desktop. Without getting into the technology, I will just say I’ve had hardware issues on that system for awhile now. I had been ignoring them, but no longer. Normally I am most productive in the morning. This blog post regularly releases before noon. I complete most of my writing for my books before lunch. That is not happening today.

Am I annoyed by this delay? Yes. Am I freaked out over the time suck? No. I am not concerned because I try and set my deadlines realistically. If I have learned anything over the years, it is that projects always take longer than we think, so put in some padding. Additionally, when any project, including writing, is going smoothly, take advantage and put in a few extra hours over the week to get ahead. The extra work prepares you when the ship hits the sand, and it will hit the sand. Trust me; you do not want the aggravation of missing a deadline to complicate an already awkward situation.

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